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 - Ponceuse large occasion

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 - Ponceuse large occasion

Ets GIROUDON are distributors of STENNER on France

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SCM distributor on the Loire and the Rhone
SCM distributor on the Loire and the Rhone - Ponceuse large occasion

Ets GIROUDON become distributors of the SCM brand in the departments of the Loire and the Rhône.

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Woodworking machines opportunity

1st Transformation


Ø flyers: 800 mm,
Rim: 75 mm,
Height of sawing: 400 mm,
Table: 1070 X 800 mm + extension in both directions,
Pneumatic pressure trainer AF 18, 4 speeds forward,
Rack-and-pinion guide: 400 X 200 mm with 19 free rollers

Machine does not require foundation
Automatic wooden training
Stability - cutting precision and performance
Ø 850 mm cast iron flywheels, blade width 80 mm

Height 310 mm guide
Maximum aperture between 300 mm blade guide
Max opening between the feeding roller and blade 230 mm
Wood thickness 12 mm mini
Table height 900 mm

• Pneumatic blade tension
• Automatic blade lubrication drip system tank 3 liters
• Pressure Blade Guides, interchangeable pads and without any adjustment
• vertical guide rollers and several in clinable 35 ° manually movable
• Read an on digital screen
• Opening and closing the feed roller by handwheel
• the spring coach voltage (2 serrated steel rollers) - accepts premium of 10 mm
• Adjustable feeding speed from 5.0 to 60.0 m / min
• Main Engine 11 kilowatts (15 hp) with automatic star-delta starter and emergency switch

Ø Flyers 950 mm,
Cutting height: 400 mm,
Speed of 5 to 60 m / min,
Engine: 40 HP,
Gide blade: 300 mm, blade trainer: 300 mm
9-reel tilting digital scanner, height: 290 mm,
1 roll at the front of the table, 1 at the back,
Lubrication of the blade, oleopneumatic tension