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 - Ponceuse large occasion

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 - Ponceuse large occasion

Ets GIROUDON are distributors of STENNER on France

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SCM distributor on the Loire and the Rhone
SCM distributor on the Loire and the Rhone - Ponceuse large occasion

Ets GIROUDON become distributors of the SCM brand in the departments of the Loire and the Rhône.

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Woodworking machines opportunity

Boring machines

Boring machines with any spindles

21 horizontal spindles,
2 heads of 21 vertical spindles,
stroke : 1 m,
height of boring : 95 mm,
2 pneumatic pressers,
4 stops

3 lower vertical flight,
2-spindle motors each deck
Running Pins: 80 mm,
max 2200 mm center distance longitudinally, transversely 650 mm,
each head has a knacker to make holes square peg round retractable pure,
central beam than 6 pneumatic cylinders, manual movement,
Working length: 2300 mm,

4 lower vertical headers,
3 wicks per capita, centers 32 mm,
stroke of each head 80 mm,
4 cylinders pressing superiors
dimensions of the bench: 1800 X 550 mm