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 - Ponceuse large occasion

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 - Ponceuse large occasion

Ets GIROUDON are distributors of STENNER on France

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SCM distributor on the Loire and the Rhone
SCM distributor on the Loire and the Rhone - Ponceuse large occasion

Ets GIROUDON become distributors of the SCM brand in the departments of the Loire and the Rhône.

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Woodworking machines opportunity

mortising machines -

Chisel mortising machine

microprocessor control
1 head CN longitudinal axis
Ongoing transverse movement of the work plan (drilling depth)
Ongoing vertical displacement of the head drilling
Bars pressure for the blocking of the piece
Longitudinal movement of the head on sliders prismatic rectified, coaching by a dc motor with encoder
Movement transverse hydraulic work plan. Optical Control Rule
Vertical movement of the head with drilling encoder positioning
Device Blast guards automatic
Capacity of memorizing 25 programs
A quick adjustment tools comprehensive "HAND COMPUTER"
With automatic loading and unloading

Chisel mortising machine
Capacity of timber: width 22-320 mm, thickness 20-130 mm
Dimension of mortises: length 25-100 mm, thickness 5-20 mm, maximum depth of 45 to 120 mm
Body mass and iron cart
Direct adjustment of the length of mortise, with hard calculation
Crossfeed pneumatic controlled adjustable hydraulic
Vertical stroke of 2 to 110 mm / table with manual control meter
Engine 3 CH
Steel welded heavy-gauge, structure tubuliare
Length 1000 mm, width 305 mm
1 and 1 vertical clamp horizontal clamp
Pedal to the floor
Weight: 650 kg
Rule of 3 m, with 2 positioning stops


For wood up to 3.20 m
Top pression (beam) and lateral presser,
Two numerical axes: movement and height


Aluminium Table: 1180 X 235 mm,
Pneumatic clamping cylinders by two (one vertical, one horizontal)
manual movements