Welding machine PERTICI WM4 V/T

second hand welding machine PERTICI with 4 heads available at giroudon

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• Self-alignment system for the heating plate with linear guides.

• Locking of each head with control button.

• Profile positioning system for each head.

• Control buttons on each head. Pneumatic characteristics:

• Pneumatic cylinders for movement control.

• Large pneumatic cylinders for clamping profiles, equipped with pressure regulators

• Electrical panel controlling each electronic card installed on each head.

• PLC electronic board (one for each head) controlling the work cycle, the temperature of the heating plate, the temperature of the heated knives and the melting and welding times. any

• Heating plate temperature controlled by an API electronic card with an accuracy of +/- 2 ° compared to the standard +/- 7 ° obtained with standard thermoregulators.

• Double hand control to start the extinguishing cycle Software:

• Possibility to modify welding parameters from the user interface.

• Possibility to define from the control keyboard the operating mode with selection of the head combination.

• Possibility to start the work cycle from the keyboard available on each welding head.

• Possibility of welding two frames simultaneously. Mechanical assembly of welding parameters:

• Standard weld limit of 2 mm

Year 2011